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The Arts Council
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(Tuscaloosa) The Bama Theatre and the Arts Council are two of West Alabama’s oldest entities, devoted to promoting the arts in the West Alabama area while enriching the lives of our local citizens, students and children.  The Bama Theatre serves as a major venue for The Arts Council’s programming, presenting activities and performances that improve the quality of life for all our local citizens, pre-K through seniors.  The Theatre is also a major rental facility, hosting music, theatrical, and dance performances by outside promoters, plus individual rentals for weddings, church plays and fundraisers.  All renters must be approved through an application process. 

One of the most popular presentations, the Bama Art House Movie Series, features new, innovative and thought provoking films.  Chosen by committee, the movies represent The Arts Council’s attempt to present its devoted audiences with themes that are thought provoking, intelligent and sometimes humorous.  The entire range of human emotion and struggle is represented, allowing adult audiences the rare chance to identify with the daily struggle, the fears and triumphs of what it really means to be human.

This film series recently came to the forefront of attention in the Tuscaloosa community after the film scheduled to be screened on July 17th was announced in the press.  The film, a comedy that is Rated R by the Motion Picture industry, deals with the frustrations and unbearable awkwardness that all people have faced in the battle to reach maturity while still young adults.   The film has been screened at numerous theatres throughout the nation and won various awards.  While presenting emotional and mature themes that may not be appropriate for younger audiences, the film contains no nudity or other subject matter outside the range of similarly rated films that are screened on a daily basis throughout the state of Alabama and the surrounding states.  The film was not chosen to appear in the series to offend, shock or demoralize any member, group or entity within the West Alabama community.  It was chosen for its candor, humor and its attempt to portray the flaws and struggles experienced by human beings. 

Due to the misunderstanding surrounding the theme and content of the film, The Arts Council and Bama Theatre have made the decision to cancel its screening, whether represented by The Arts Council or outside entities.  The Arts Council hopes this decision represents the wishes of all of its constituents.

 Alabama and its fellow Southern states struggle with their status and reputation on the national scene in economic, social, job and educational ratings.  The writers, actors, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and visual artists that are native to the South or are residents of this area have given all citizens the chance not only to express themselves through the arts, but improve their quality of life in the areas of industry and job growth. 

 The arts community in this area is one of its biggest assets, and for some, a primary reason for residing in Tuscaloosa County.  The Arts Council and Bama Theatre consider it a privilege to serve the citizens of West Alabama through the arts.