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The Visual Arts Achievement Awards is a competition sponsored by the Alabama State Council on the Arts and administered each February on the local level by various groups such as The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa. The exhibit consists of the winners, judge’s choice awards and honorable mentions awarded to students from local schools with works divided into two groups based on grade level. Group I consists of middle school students in grades six through eight. Group II consists of high school students in grades nine through twelve. Entries are classified based on medium:  drawing, painting, mixed-media, 3-D, print making, computer design, and photography.

2024 VAAP State Competition Update:

3 out of the 15 pieces from our region placed!
Here are the winners: 
Category: Painting
Junior Division
1st Place– Tribute to O’Keefe by Asya Jones (The Alberta School of Performing Arts)

Category: Craft
Senior Division

2nd Place– Ischemic the Clay Baby by Kaitlyn Condo (Tuscaloosa County HS)

Category: Mixed Media
Junior Division
1st Place– Bird of a feather…glued together by Jasmin Zamora (Alberta School of Performing Arts)

The winners will be recognized Thursday, April 11th at 1 p.m. at the RSA Building in Montgomery. Parents and family members are invited to attend.

Image below:
Click the image below to visit images from the local exhibit at the Bama Theatre’s Junior Leage Gallery. The image is the
Best of Show Award winner by
Alexandra Jones, Tuscaloosa County High School, titled “Suffocation”

Local Winners from Region 3:

Best of Show
Alexandra Jones, Tuscaloosa County High School, “Suffocation”

Best of Group 1 (Grades 6-8)
Kinley Presley, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, “Conversation Hearts”

Best of Group 2 (Grades 9-12)
Madison Taylor, Northside High School, “Instincts”

Group 1 (Grades 6-8) Winners

1st Place- Madeleine McKinney, American Christian Academy, “Mean Love”
2nd Place- Allissa Lin, Tuscaloosa Magnet School, “Red of the People”
3rd Place- Zoe Human, American Christian Academy, “Yellow Dressed Doll”
Honorable Mention: Amelia Rumerio, Tuscaloosa Magnet School, “Figure Drawing Figure Drawing”

Mixed Media
1st Place- Jasmin Zamora, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, “Bird of a feather… glued together.”
2nd Place- Mason Schrimsher, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “Blinded by the Lights”
3rd Place- Ana Basto, Tuscaloosa Magnet School, “I’ve Come to Talk to You About Your Car’s Extended Warranty”
Honorable Mention: Delina Menasse, Tuscaloosa Magnet School, “A Deer in Headlights”

1st Place- Asya Jones, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, “Tribute to O’Keeffe”
2nd Place- Olivia Tucker, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, “Rock Candy”
3rd Place- Maddie Lee, Tuscaloosa Magnet School, “Parallel Cities” 
Honorable Mention: Anica Osborn, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “The Girl”
Honorable Mention: Emery Norris, Echols Middle School, “The Green Iris” 

1st Place- Nicholas Sabatino, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “Tiki Head”
2nd Place- Harper Moen, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “Mushrooms”

1st Place- Jacob Scofield, Tuscaloosa Magnet School, “The Champion of Creation”
2nd Place- Kaylee Strachan, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, “Hashtag”
3rd Place- Benjamin Towns, Tuscaloosa Magnet School, “The Snake with Glasses”

Group 2 (Grades 9-12) Winners

1st Place- Kaitlyn Condo, Tuscaloosa County High School, “Ischemic the Clay Baby” 

1st Place- Alana Weathers, Tuscaloosa County High School, “My
2nd Place- Markahla Bryant, Paul W. Bryant High School, “He”
3rd Place- Caroline Campbell, Northside High School, “Jubilant”
Honorable Mention: Gabe Daniels, Northridge High School, “Yoshi”
Honorable Mention: Aidan Middaugh, Northside High School,
“Distorted Tones”
Honorable Mention: Emma Brobston, Brookwood High School, “Grayscale” 
Honorable Mention: Dexter Chiles, Tuscaloosa County High School, “Enchanted City”
Honorable Mention: Nicole Ramirez, Paul W. Bryant High School, “The Blueberry Bowl”

Mixed Media
1st Place- Emily Craig, Tuscaloosa County High School, “Vulnerable in the Unknown”
2nd Place- Elliot Williams, Northridge High School, “Year of the Rabbit” 
3rd Place- Rusty Waguespack, Brookwood High School, “Somnia’s Return”
Honorable Mention: Briony Loper, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “Surprise”

1st Place- Miranda Keith, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “Fleeting Faces But Lasting Impressions”
2nd Place- Ria Ngo, Hillcrest High School, “Submerged in the Room”
3rd Place- Carly Channell, Northside High School, “Cosmo’s Car Ride”
Honorable Mention: Lexis Claybrook, Northside High School, “Afloat”
Honorable Mention: Anna Lindemann, Northside High School, “Over the Woman’s Shoulder”
Honorable Mention: JaQuan Davis, Hillcrest High School, “A Question for Alabama”
Honorable Mention: Amy Zhang, Hillcrest High School, “Tulips in a Vase” 
Honorable Mention: Venna Strickland, Hillcrest High School, “Mushrooms”
Honorable Mention: Laila Gray, Hillcrest High School, “The City Through My Eyes”

Photography, Digital, or New Media
1st Place- Jaci Foley, Hillcrest High School, “My Personal Bubble”
2nd Place- Mallory Masterson, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “Defying Gravity, Embracing Possibilities”
3rd Place- Alice Burroughs, American Christian Academy, “Alaska Lights”

1st Place- Autumn Jackson, Northridge High School, “Me Plural”
2nd Place- Ford Fowler, American Christian Academy, “The Wish Fish”
3rd Place- Christina Mitchell, Northridge High School, “Firefly Moon”

1st Place- Baylee Mullins, Brookwood High School, “Natural Disaster”
2nd Place- Emily Sabatino, Holy Spirit Catholic School, “Pieces of a Whole”
3rd Place- Eliza Weathers, Tuscaloosa County High School, “Beef Tips with Rice and Sweet Potato Casserole”


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