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Recent Memorials & honorariums

In Honor of David & Alisha Jones

2021, by Drs. Steven Yates & John Walker

Memorial Donation in Honor of Gloria Ledgewood

2021, by Eric and Margaret Wilson

Memorial Donation in Memory of Marcelyn Morrow

2021, by Elna Morrow

Memorial Donations in Honor of Dr. James E. Morris, Jr.

2020, by
Ward Scott Architecture
Glenda Webb
Don Staley
Kiwanis Club of Greater Tuscaloosa (Cheri Bogart)
Pam and Clif Penick

Memorial Donation in Honor of Ed Childers

2020, by Eric and Margaret Wilson

Memorial Contributions for Arts in Education: Sandra Wedgeworth Pride Partlow

Thank you for the contributions to the Arts Council in loving memory of Sandra Wedgeworth Pride Partlow. The generous donations towards arts in education will carry Sandra’s legacy of enhancing the quality of life in our community and enriching the arts in West Alabama. We greatly appreciate that the family has chosen this manner in which to memorialize her.
2019, by
Carol P. Poynor
Shelley E. Jones
Robert L. Ingram Jr.
Virginia Joiner
Robert M. Shaw
Cecelia J. McClenny
Alice S. Davis
Carol C. Phelps
Donald Pritchard
Juanita Sanderford
Mary Dee Patrick
Valery Minges
Virginia D. Cade
Leslie Johnson Miller
Sheila R. Ward
Charles & Susan Heitzman
Charles & Susan Heitzman
Norm & Helena Hibbard

A special thanks

goes to our recent contributors who donated during the “Live from the Bama” concert on September 25:
Susan Caples
William Carter
GrAystone Band
Ginger Bailey
Bill Buchanan
Barrett Elder
Beth Feller
Diana Garrett
Christina Green
Wesley and Sheriah Gibson
Louise Manos
William McGuire
Thomas McLeod
Annette Smallwood
Don Staley
Charles Taylor
Carol Wright

New & Returning Arts Council Members

December 2022

Dennis and Carolyn Dahl

May 2022

Brenda Randall

April 2022

Steven Yates

March 2022

Carolyn Dahl
Katherine Gould
Pat Moore
Rebecca Rothman

February 2022

Camille Brignac
Valery Minges

December 2021

Valery Minges
Holland Hopson
Elna Morrow
Anna Singer

November 2021

Lena Levendoski

September 2021

Ann Bourne

June 2021

Carol Wright

May 2021

Dr. Robert Olin

March 2021

Dennis & Carolyn Dahl
Bobby & Cathy Wooldridge
Dr. Steven Yates

January 2021

Donna Boles Charitable Trust

December 2020

Ray & Camille Brignac
Elizabeth & Patrick Hamner
Charleigh Bob Davis
Dominique Yancey
Holland Hopson
The Lonnie and Kitty Strickland Foundation
Joanna Jacobs
Dr. David Nelson

November 2020

Savannah Barnett
Anne Guthrie
Margaret and Eric Wilson

October 2020

Susan Benke
Sandra Ray
Pamela Turner

September 2020

Ann Bourne
Jeremy Butler
Madeleine Hill
Deborah Parker and Steve Burch
Valery Minges
Rebecca Rothman
Jeffrey Patterson
Don Staley

July 2020

Heather Hepp and Critchon Minges
Beverly Phifer

June 2020

Carolyn and Dennis Dahl
Robert Olin

May 2020

Anna J. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jones

February 2020

Harris & Camille Cornutt
Lee & Betty Pike
Alan & Doris Blum
Brenda & Wayne Randall
Bobby & Cathy Wooldridge

January 2020

Charleigh Bob Davis
Mike & Amy Echols
Jason & Melissa Guynes
Patrick & Elizabeth Hamner
H. Scott & Nita Hestevold
Holland Hopson
Joanna Jacobs
Jody & Eugenia Jobson
Mort Jordan & Mary Nelson
Lorrie Lane
Anne Monfore
Charlie & Linda Munoz
John & Dorothy Owens
Pamela Parker
Pam & Clif Penick
Dr. William & Judith Rabel

December 2019

Rob & Stacy Alley
Ray & Camille Brignac
Deborah Parker & Steve Burch
Claude & Melanie Edwards
Elna & Marcelyn Morrow
H.P. & Louisa Sasnett
Ed & Julia Williams

November 2019

Alabama Power Foundation
Dr. David Nelson
James I. Harrison, III Family Donor Advised Fund

September 2019

Kenneth & Patricia Kuntz
Margaret & Eric Wilson