Spectra Classroom

Everyone has stories to share! Learn basic tips about fiction writing from a published adult and children’s author. Plot development, dialogue, characterization, point of view–these are several of the building blocks needed to create a successful story.
GRADES: 3-12 FEE: No fee

Some of West Alabama’s finest actors are available to tell a variety of tales or those that are appropriate to your current curriculum with advance notification.
GRADES: K-6 FEE: $55

Children will receive hands-on experience with a variety of symphonic instruments such as violin, trumpet, flute, etc. from the Tuscaloosa Symphony Guild. Limited to 30 students per half-hour. GRADES: 3-5 FEE: no fee

Learn all about the orchestra in this engaging, 45 minute elementary music and literacy lesson taught by Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra Executive Director and Music Educator, Natassia Perrine. Students will explore the families of the orchestra, learn a song about the instruments and perform it along to a read aloud of a children’s book.  GRADES: PK-2. FEE: No fee DATES: Schedule at your convenience August 3, 2022 – April 28, 2023.

Students will explore the art of dance by taking your choice of either a jazz or musical theater style class. Class will consist of movement stretches and learning a fun combination taught by Alden Phillips McShan, a native of Tuscaloosa and current artistic director for Tuscaloosa Community Dancers. 45-60 minutes, designed for groups up to 30.
GRADES: K-12 FEE: $75-$100

These workshops introduce students to the concepts of performance through theatre games and improvisation. 30 students or fewer per session. 1 to 2 hours in length (can accommodate class schedule).
GRADES: 1-12 FEE: $100 per session

Features techniques and weapons used by stunt men to create fight scenes. Discussions include safety and the real effects of violence.
GRADES: K-6 FEE: $150

An exploration of the book as an art object. A brief history of handmade books will be presented, with an emphasis on bookbinding. Students will be instructed on how to create books out of paper, thread, glue, and card stock. Designed for small groups (30 or fewer). Up to 60 minutes.
GRADES: 6-12 FEE: $80
SUPPLIES: $5 per student

An introduction to pamphlet binding, the oldest and most common structure in the European tradition, dating back to the 3rd century. Students will fold and sew a single pamphlet stitch book and learn book structure terminology. This class combines fine motor skills and book appreciation. 50-60 minutes.
GRADES: 6 -12 FEE: $70

An introduction to combining words and images in a single sheet book. Students will be led through a brief writing exercise, learn to make a book from a single sheet of paper, and fill their book with their own words and drawings. The writing exercise and image creation can be tailored to fit themes or topics relevant to the class or desired by the teacher. Designed for 30 or fewer students. 50-60 minutes. GRADES: 6 -12 FEE: $70

Students will learn why certain masks were important to Native Americans with a variety of gourd masks displayed for reference. Gourds are available to make similar projects. Each student selects a gourd, prepares it, and decorates it. Designed for small groups (30 or fewer) but can do up to two separate classes at the same school per day. 1.5-2 hours.
GRADES: Target audience is grades 2-6 but can accommodate other grades FEE: $300 per class + Federal mileage rate will apply; $5 per child for supplies

Students view images of Mississippian and Moundville Native Americans to see how they looked and dressed. Your students will then have their faces painted like a Mississippian or Moundville Native American and make themselves a shell necklace. Can accommodate up to two separate classes at the same school per day.
GRADES: Target audience is grade 2-6 but can accommodate other grades FEE: $150 per class up to 25 or fewer + Federal mileage rate will apply; $2 per student for supplies

Students will have a hands-on experience of seeing and touching ancient tools and weapons from Moundville Archaeological Park. Practice throwing spears, rabbit sticks, and Atlatl. Can accommodate up to two separate classes at the same school per day.
GRADES: Target audience is grades 2-6 but can accommodate other grades FEE: $250 per class up to 20 or fewer + Federal mileage rate will apply.

In the traditional style of Southern folk potters, children will love sculpting faces on pre-made mini-face jugs. Presented by Kerry Kennedy. GRADES: K-6 FEE: $8 per child

The 500 year old Japanese method of rapid firing
pottery. Watch as the colors come to life when the pottery is removed from the hot kiln. The artist will demonstrate the process and explain how the firing works. The demonstration must be done outdoors. GRADES: K-12 FEE: $75 for a single demonstration (approx. 90 min.) $200 per day (up to 3 demonstrations)

An interactive rhythm program with award-winning master teaching artist John Scalici. This program puts a drum in the hands of every student as they learn about respect, communication, and teamwork through rhythm. Some activities incorporate elements of math, science, and language arts. GRADES: 3-8 FEE: $750 for Full Day Program. Half-day and single grade level/after school programs available as well.

The art of bead-making, also known as lampworking, will be traced back to its origins while demonstrating the complexities and creative potential of ornamental bead and glass design.
GRADES: K-8 FEE: $155 per day for multiple demonstrations or $55 for a single class demonstration

In this two day two hour program, students will learn about the historically important Quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama, the elements of design, and the art of stained glass mosaics in an arts / social studies integrated program with DANA Teaching Artist, Linda Muñoz. Students will create a 3 foot square stained glass mosaic quilt to hang in their school and each student will make a small mosaic tile to take home.
GRADES: 3-6 FEE: $500 + mileage (Includes all

THE ART GARAGE – Classroom Visits
We offer basic art classes to ages 18 months through 5th grade. A typical lesson is 30 minutes long These classes can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. The Art Garage will provide an instructor and will bring the supplies needed for each week’s project.
GRADES: PreK-5. FEE: $150 per each session for up to 25 students. ($2 for each additional child) $50 nonrefundable deposit required to book and hold date. Outside of the Tuscaloosa city limits there is a $35 travel fee.

THE ART GARAGE: One-time Special Event
The Art Garage can visit schools to offer a special event type of class. The class can
be geared towards a schoolwide special event or a holiday. We will provide an instructor and all art supplies needed other than tables, chairs, and cleaning supplies. Teacher assistance will be required. Each project would last about 45 minutes.
GRADES: Pre-K-5. FEE:  For a Canvas project $8 per child; For Multimedia paper project $6 per child; $50 nonrefundable deposit required to book and hold date. Outside of Tuscaloosa city limits there is a $35 travel fee.