Spectra Classroom


Welcome to SPECTRA (Special Teaching Resources in the Arts), The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa’s guide to educational opportunities in the arts for your classroom in 2019-2020. This publication (LINK TO BROCHURE AT RIGHT) includes lists of both teaching artists and groups that offer programs in visual and performing arts plus the humanities. Activities are available for K-12 and are coded to indicate enhancement vs integration, the arts category, academic area, and social enhancement area that are specific to that program or activity. Additional opportunities include competitions and grants.


As a teacher, how do you choose arts activities for your class? From visual art and music to theatre, dance, and poetry, our community offers programming in all categories to meet your classroom needs. Activities are labeled for Enhancement, Integration, or both.

Arts Enhancement encourages student creativity, motivation, and retention of selected non-arts learning targets.

Arts integration is an approach to teaching and learning through which content standards are taught and assessed equitably in both arts and non-arts learning targets.

You must teach and assess both standards equitably and intentionally for arts integration to occur.


This guide provides a system of curriculum codes that will allow you to make appropriate programming choices for your classroom needs. These codes will be listed adjacent to the title of the activity or program and will reflect 1. integration vs. enhancement (black) 2. the area of the arts represented (red) 3. the academic areas of study represented (blue) and 4. social concepts available to the students (green). Activities or performances can include one or more codes in the arts area, academics, and social concepts.

Begin Here

  1. Select a program or activity and determine the number of students and teachers to be served. 
  2. Choose dates/times with a second and third choice in case your first choice isn’t available. 
  3. Let us know if special accommodations are needed for any student. 
  4. Email education@tuscarts.org (preferable) or call Shannon McCue, Education Director, at 205-345-9801 with the information listed above.

SPECTRA artists are highly skilled professionals selected not only for artistic excellence, but also for the ability to communicate effectively with young people.

  • Our artists adapt to your space.
  • Space needs are flexible.
  • Program lengths vary.
  • Some programs offered in workshop format only, which involves a classroom-size group.


  • Teachers must remain with students for the duration of all activities.
  • For classroom activities, artist fee is per class (session).
  • Prices for each event vary and are listed with each program description.
  • When maximum numbers are exceeded, the program fee may increase.
  • Federal Mileage Rates may apply for some programs.
  • Programs are scheduled subject to the availability of the artists.
  • Have your school’s calendar, daily schedule and enrollment figures when calling.
  • A confirmation/invoice will be sent after scheduling.
  • Payment due two weeks prior to requested activity date.


  • All scheduled and confirmed programs are considered binding.
  • Two weeks’ notice must be given by the school if the program is to be rescheduled.
  • Should illness, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent the artist from performing, The Arts Council will offer the school the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.