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Druid Arts Awards

Druid Art Awards ExhibitThe Druid Arts Awards are presented by The Arts Council in a ceremony held every other year at the Bama Theatre. Volunteers, educators and artists in each discipline are honored in addition to corporate sponsors, the Patron of the Arts and the Home Grown award. Special awards are also presented to those individuals or groups who contribute to the arts community but are outside of the aforementioned categories. The purpose of the ceremony is to publicly recognize the work of the dedicated individuals in each of these areas and their contributions to Tuscaloosa County.Druid Arts Award Medallion

Nominations are made by completing the form (link at right) and mailing to The Arts Council office. A committee will choose the winners based on the criteria. Individuals who have won in the past are not eligible, those who have been nominated without winning can be nominated again. Anyone residing in Tuscaloosa County can submit a nomination.

24th Druid Arts Awards

The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa will recognize artists, educators, volunteers and patrons of the arts at the 24th Druid Arts Awards ceremony on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at the Bama Theatre. The winners and their families will be honored at a reception at the theatre’s Greensboro Room at 6p.m. with the awards presented at 7 p.m. in the theatre. 

The deadline for nominations is February 7, 2022 with a deadline for tickets for the event on March 28, 2022. Tickets will go on sale in January, 2022.


Winners for 2019

Artist – George Thagard
Educator – Sara Margaret Cates
Volunteer – Betty Meadows

Educator – Dr. Kevin Chance

Visual Arts
Artist - Mortimer Jordan
Volunteer - Ed Enoch

Artist – Mims McKee
Educator –Morgan Williams

Literary Arts
Artist – Aileen Kilgore Henderson
Educator –Easty Lambert-Brown

Home Grown
Birch “Crimson Slide” Johnson

Patron of the Arts
Dr. Robert Olin

Corporate Sponsor of the Year
Hudson Poole Fine Jewelers

Special Awards
Dr. Jeffrey Schultz
Janelle Heinrich and Vanessa Jones
Al Head
Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama


Druid Arts Awards Criteria

Arts Volunteer (One each in Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts/Crafts and Literature)

  1. Years of personal service. to one given arts area.
  2. Degree of impact of contributions made.
  3. Demonstration of leadership in the theatre, dance, music or visual arts/crafts community.
  4. Broadness or range of service and support in the area of theatre, dance, music or visual arts/crafts.

Arts Educator (One each in Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts/Crafts and Literature)

  1. Years of Commitment to education in the area.
  2. Degree of advocacy for arts education in the schools and the community.
  3. Overall impact on making the arts a vital part of basis curriculum.
  4. Overall impact on making the arts a vital part of community life.

Artist Award (One each in Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts/Crafts and Literature)

  1. Demonstrated quality of a body of work.
  2. Contributions to his/her community.
  3. Contributions to his/her art form.
  4. Level of recognition brought to the arts and artists in the county.

Special Arts Award (no limit) and/or Patron of the Arts Award

These awards may be given to an individual or an organization based upon a body of
work over a period of time.

  1. Impact on the arts in the community.
  2. Evidence of significant arts programs or special services.
  3. Evidence of innovative strategies for the enhancement and support of the art or a given art form.
  4. Broadness of support to various arts activities or organizations.
  5. Number of years of service.

Corporate Sponsor of the Year

  1. Impact on the arts in the community.
  2. Evidence of strong financial and in-kind support.
  3. Broad base of support to arts activities and organizations.
  4. Number of years of service.

Home Grown Award

  1. Received recognition in their area of specialty on the regional, national or international level by their professional peer groups.
  2. Must be a native of Tuscaloosa County and received his/her primay and secondary education in one of the local public or private school systems.

Prior Recipients

1989 Phoebe Barr
1990 Susu Hale Pow
1991 Susan Looney
1992 Stephanie Henry
1993 Angela Hron
1994 Stacey Norris
1995 Steve Seale
1996 Lisa Sansom
1997 Mary Margaret Hawkins
1998 Erica Bailey
1999 Jennifer Quarles
2000 Jonnie Beasley
2001 Anna Williams Finnell
2002 Connie Leeper
2003 Brooke Latham
2005 Lauren Pearson
2007 Rachel Fowler
2009 No Award
2011 Madison Ray Leavelle
2013 Alden Phillips
2015 Jayci Kalb
2017 Fiona Dorr

1989 Dr. Michael Gatozzi
1990 Johnny Shines
1991 Michael Johnson
1992 Frederick B. Hyde
1993 Lois Pyle
1994 Sandra Willetts
1995 Amanda Penick
1996 Larry Mathis
1997 Scott Bridges
1998 Henri’s Notions
1999 Thomas Wolfe
2000 David Durant
2001 Gail Avery (posthumous)
2002 No Award
2003 J. Patrick Rafferty
2005 Sheryl Cohen
2007 Pamela Gordon
2009 Tuscaloosa Horns
2011 John Ratledge
2013 The Cavell Trio - oboist Shelly Meggison, clarinetist Osiris Molina and bassoonist Jenny Mann
2015 Rob Alley
2017 No Award

Theatre Artist
1989 Walter Brown McCord
1990 Paul K. Looney
1991 Gary Wise
1992 Nanci Stewart
1993 Patricia Ross
1994 William Henderson
1995 Michael Carr
1996 Ava Buchanan
1997 Diane Teague
1998 Jeff Wilson
1999 Ray Taylor
2000 Charlie Dennis
2001 Drew Baker
2002 Jeanette Robertson
2003 Wheeler Kincaid
2005 Tina Fitch
2007 Lisa Waldrop
2009 Kathy Wilson & Charles Prosser
2011 Andy Fitch
2013 Leslie Poss
2015 Drew Baker
2017 Joey Lay

Visual Artist/Craftsman
1989 Timothy Weber
1990 Craig Nutt
1991 Richard Rush
1992 Banister Pope
1993 Anden Houben
1994 Albert Colburn
1995 James Conner
1996 Richard Brough
1997 Steve Davis
1998 Ynonne Wells
1999 Nora Ezell
2000 Tim (T.R.) Reed
2001 Richard Zoellner
2002 Maurice Clabaugh
2003 Porfirio Solorzano
2005 Hallie O’Kelley
2007 Aaron Greer
2009 Alvin Sella
2011 Craig Wedderspoon
2013 Caleb O’Connor
2015 Tony Brock
2017 Dr. Bethany Windham Engle

Literary Artist
2011 Slash Pine Press
2013 Lila Quintero Weaver
2015 Jennifer Horne
2017 Carolyn Ezell

Dance Volunteer
1989 Rebecca Tingle
1990 Jake Drake
1991 Barbara Barban
1992 Ray Taylor
1993 Charles Dennis
1994 Mary Williams
1995 Gayle Howard
1996 Betty Quarles
1997 Louise Crofton
1998 Jan Mize
1999 Bill & Mary Johns
2000 Lena Frost
2001 Larry Lou Foster & Steve Ginzberg
2002 Peggy Beasley
2003 Donna Crawford
2005 Therese Culliton
2007 Mary Jean Weaver & Sonya Thomas
2009 Paula Boston
2011 Debbi West
2013 Mona Runge & Terri Godoy
2015 Gail Windham
2017 Crosby Thomley

Music Volunteer
1989 Lacon Carver
1990 George & Elizabeth Hamner
1991 Alva Basset
1992 Lu Konda
1993 Aldis Donald
1994 Bettie Anne Cleino
1995 Elizabeth Smith
1996 Dr. Omer Baker
1997 Beverly Wilkin
1998 John Bickley
1999 Pamela DeWitt
2000 Barbara Buchalter
2001 Mary Hamner
2002 Tom and Anita Gorder
2003 Jo Ann Cook
2005 Kirstin Hicks
2007 Diane Salls
2009 Marcelyn Morrow
2011 Gay Burrows
2013 James “Ed” Shotts, M.D.
2015 Dr. Elizabeth Aversa
2017 Anne Moman

Theatre Volunteer
1989 Jake Leigeber
1990 Noah Wright
1991 Paula Dennis
1992 Carol DeVelice
1993 Kip Tyner
1994 Bill Stewart
1995 Jane Seers
1996 Dee Ward
1997 Candy Stephens
1998 Paul Crook
1999 Ashley Evans-Snyder
2000 David Ford
2001 Shelley Jones
2002 Rosalyn Horton
2003 Marianne David
2005 Camille Mendle
2007 Jim Leeper & Terry Olivet
2009 Kim Young
2011 Billy and Faye Pearson
2013 Hugh Lee
2015 Tony Avery and Richard Livingston
2017 Ryan Rainwater

Visual Arts Volunteer
1989 Nina Ross
1990 Jack Leigh
1991 Dorothy Maxwell
1992 Paul Whitehurst
1993 Ellis Teer
1994 Louise Pinion Wilson
1995 Anthony Thompson
1996 Sandra Rice
1997 Othis Clarke
1998 Steven Reinhart
1999 Janet Teer
2000 Richard Hummell
2001 A.D. Christian, Jr.
2002 Chuck Hall
2003 Holly Baker
2005 Barbara Patrick & Vicki Turnage
2007 Pamela Askew, Kathy Helm, Suzanne Henson, Kerry Kennedy, & Wescott Youngston
2009 Laurie Prentice-Dunn
2011 Brandon Cooper, Edward Guy, Anden Houben, Joe McComb, George Shelton
2013 Anthony Bratina
2015 Joanna Jacobs
2017 No Award

Dance Educator
1989 Lou M. Wall
1990 Louise Crofton
1991 Martha Jamison
1992 Terri Hunnicut
1993 Susu Hale Pow
1994 Melissa Caldwell
1995 Rebecca Tingle
1996 No Award
1997 No Award
1998 Edie Barnes
1999 Leigh Richey
2000 Cornelius Carter
2001 No Award
2002 Rita Snyder and Richard Richards
2003 Angela Horn Fannin
2005 No Award
2007 Melinda Leavelle & Alice Russell
2009 No Award
2011 Amy Cole Ahmed
2013 Sarah Barry
2015 Alison Hollingsworth
2017 No Award

Music Educator
1989 Zelpha Wells
1990 Suzy Burnum
1991 Joy Dendy
1992 James Arthur Williams
1993 Karen Nicolosi
1994 Glinda Blackshear
1995 Louise Stewart Bell
1996 Benny Russell
1997 Stewart Hampton
1998 Dorothy Monnish Evans & Marcia Hood
1999 Lawanna Thomas
2000 Regina Noland
2001 Jocqueline Richardson
2002 Mary Stark
2003 Betty Robinson
2005 Syble Coats
2007 Dr. Anne C. Witt
2009 Debbie Bond
2011 Andrew Howard Pettus
2013 Doff Procter
2015 Paul Houghtaling
2017 Dr. Jed Smart

Theatre Educator
1989 Dr. Allen Bales
1990 Edmond Williams
1991 William Teague
1992 Kevin Marshall
1993 Melissa Christian
1994 Anita Smelley
1995 Jonathan Michaelsen
1996 John Ross
1997 Paul Looney
1998 Caroline Raymond
1999 No Award
2000 Paul Crook
2001 Brent Jones
2002 Donna Wright
2003 Michael Carr
2005 Elizabeth Renicks
2007 Tina Fitch
2009 Matthew von Redlich
2011 Seth Panitch
2013 Kristin Frangoulis
2015 Adam Miller
2017 Stacy Alley

Visual Arts Educator
1989 Mary Kerr
1990 Dr. Virginia Rembert
1991 Dr. Shirley Musgrave
1992 Gay Burke
1993 Chuck Hall
1994 Amy Grimes
1995 Gary Kerr
1996 Carol Kendrick
1997 Robert Mellown
1998 Phyllis Ward
1999 No Award
2000 No Award
2001 Sara Morrison
2002 Alvin Sella
2003 West Alabama Quilters Guild
2005 Ann Foster
2007 No Award
2009 Steve Miller
2011 Kerry Kennedy
2013 Tricia Schuster
2015 Jamey Grimes
2017 Trenton White

Literary Educator
2013 Rick Bragg
2017 Dr. Don Noble

Special Awards
1989 Tuscaloosa Community Singers, Georgine Clarke
1990 Theatre Tuscaloosa, Dr. Frank Morris, Doris Flora
1991 Knox Haygood, Joyce Mahan, Tuscaloosa Music Club
1992 CHOM, John Hisey
1993 Tuscaloosa Civic Chorus, Vassar Hemphill, John Ross
1994 Kathy Bailey, City of Northport, Tuscaloosa Department of Transportation
1995 Kelli Reinhart , Marcia Khoury, Donna Boles, The Tuscaloosa News
1996 Mark Hughes Cobb, Carl & Harriet Adams, Alabama Boychoir
1997 Margaret McCain, Mary Alva Stark
1998 Carolyn Fritz, Don Speed, Daryl Harris
1999 Tuscaloosa Symphony Guild, Sandra Ray
2000 Roger Duvall, Debbie Bond & Mike McCracken
2001 Tuscaloosa Housing Authority, WJRD News Channel 7
2002 Virginia McPhearson
2003 Dr. Edward Cleino
2005 Carolyn Bolt, David Jones, David & Connie Clark, Milla Green
2007 Charles Drucker, Judy Holland
2009 Tommy Hester, Willie King (posthumous), Tuscaloosa Convention & Visitors Bureau
2011 The University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences
2013 Ray Taylor and David Jones
2015 Ruth Jatib O’Connor, Ron Montgomery, Brian Brooker / Ellis Architects
2017 Dr. Pamela Penick, Dr. Anne C. Witt

Corporate Awards
2000 Alabama Power Foundation
2001 Phifer Wire
2002 Moody Foundation
2003 The Tuscaloosa News
2005 No Award
2007 Jim Walter Resources, Inc.
2009 Mercedes Benz, U.S. International
2011 Bank of Tuscaloosa
2013 Alabama Power Foundation
2015 Jamison Money Farmer
2017 Ameriprise Financial

Patron of the Arts
1977 Frank M. Moody
1978 Mary Ann Phelps
1979 Mary Matthews
1980 Doris Leopard
1981 Charles Snyder, Mike Spiller
1982 John C. Boles
1983 James H. Fitts III
1984 Junior League of Tuscaloosa, First National Bank of Tuscaloosa, Thrift Foundation, Inc., The Tuscaloosa News, Rotary McAbee Construction
1985 John A. Owens
1986 G. Lee Burchfield, III
1987 Jonathan Westervelt Warner
1988 Shelton State Community College, Stillman College, The University of Alabama
1989 Viriginia L. McPhearson
1990 Joseph W. Perkins
1991 Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority
1992 Phillip Weaver
1993 Tanner & Guin, P.C.
1994 Mary Louise Armstrong
1995 J. Frederic Goossen
1996 Gloria Moody, T. Earle & Frances Johnson
1997 Burch & Hatfield Formal Shops
1998 Camilla & Steve Johnson
1999 A.H. Bean
2000 City Council of Tuscaloosa
2001 Rosemarie and Wayne Childress
2002 Herb Neu and Sasha Reynolds-Neu
2003 Jack Warner
2005 Anne & Bob Monfore
2007 James Harrison, III
2009 Dr. Omer Baker
2011 Bill Buchanan
2013  City of Tuscaloosa & Tuscaloosa County Commission
2015 Judi Rabel
2017 Peggy Collins

Arts Administrator
2002 Jane Weigel

Tuscaloosa’s Home Grown
2009 Evan Wilson
2011 Jennifer Lauren Quarles
2013 Chuck Leavell
2015 Chuck Tilley
2017 Dr. Demondrae Thurman

Special Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 Sara Turner

Druid Arts Awards


To make a nomination, download the printable form, fill out, and email to:



Or mail to: 

The Arts Council
P.O. Box 1117,
Tuscaloosa, AL, 35403