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Visual Arts Achievement Awards

The Visual Art Achievement Awards is a competition sponsored by the Alabama State Council on the Arts and administered each February on the local level by various groups such as The Arts Council. The exhibit consists of the winners, judge’s choice awards and honorable mentions awarded to students from local schools with works divided into two groups based on grade level. Group I consists of middle school students in grades six through eight. Group II consists of high school students in grades nine through twelve. Entries are classified based on medium:  drawing, painting, mixed-media, 3-D, print making, computer design, and photography.

Select works chosen by the judges for their outstanding merit (separate from the winning entries) will be featured at the state level competition exhibit at the RSA Tower Artist’s Gallery in Montgomery, Ala. with subsequent winners traveling to Washington, D.C. for the national level competition.

Local teachers should contact Sharron Rudowski for further information about the 2019 competition. Information is also available at arts.alabama.gov.


2019 Visual Arts Achievement Awards- Local Student Winners at the State Level in Montgomery

School System Award: Tuscaloosa County Schools, awarded for the greatest number of artworks exhibited in the state show

Blue Ribbon Finalists:
Rylee Potter, 8th Grade, Teacher: Laura Thompson, Echols Middle School
Andrew Rhodes, 6th Grade, Teacher: Laura Thompson, Echols Middle School
Sarah Wagenheim, 10th Grade, Teacher: Suzette Puzinauskas, Northridge HS
Eve Kizziah, 12th Grade, Teacher: Anna Humphreys, Brookwood HS

Best of District III, High School:
Briana Marchman, 12th Grade, Teacher: Sue H. Robertson, Northside HS

Best of Drawing, High School:
Katelyn Harkins, 12th Grade, Teacher: Anna Humphreys, Brookwood HS


2019 Visual Arts Achievement Awards Winners at the Local Level

Judges: Mary and Gary Kerr


Akaisha Cousette I EMS Mickey 3/D Crafts HM
Ugie Alilonu I HSCS Trash into a Tower 3D/Crafts 1st
Grady McClendon I HSCS Paranoria 3D/Crafts HM
Robbie Tillman I HSCS Computer Time 3D/Crafts 2nd
Madison Rogers I HSCS Maule's Cupboard 3D/Crafts 3rd
Christien Washington I HSCS The Power of CW Computer 1st
Daniel Lopez-Moreno I HSCS Mountain Leaves Computer 2nd
Margaret Anderton I NM Sincerity Computer 3rd
Kali Peek I EMS Charcoal Gourds Drawing 1st
Elijah Pinner I EMS Freedom Drawing HM
Mindy Mitchell I HSCS Moon Winx Drawing 2nd
Madison Mitchell I EMS Beginning of the End of Chemo Drawing 3rd
Andrew Rhodes I EMS Camouflage MM 1st
Kayln Moden I WM Two Kinds MM 2nd
Thais Drewelow I TMM Overcoming MM 3rd
Zoe Shore I TMM Purple Spirit Painting Best
Rylee Potter I EMS Jackson Painting 1st
Tyeisha Robertson I WM The Masterpiece Painting 2nd
Taylor Reed I EMS Purple Mountains Painting 3rd
Lilli Cargile I ACA Dewey Day Photog 1st
Cole Byers I ACA Smokey Photog HM
Sykney Sharp I HSCS From My View Photog 2nd
Mia Livaudais I HSCS I See You Photog 3rd
Naia Smith I ACA The London Eye Printm 1st
Reagan McGough I ACA The Eye Printm 2nd
Sophia Hodges I EMS Tea Cup Printm 3rd
Brianna Marchman II NSHS Lease the Vent 3/D Crafts 1st
Savannah Shirley II NRidgeHS Cahaba 3D/Crafts HM
Rebeca Castellanos II NRidgeHS Tree and Swing 3D/Crafts HM
Gabriel Williams II NRidgeHS Seahorse Salute 3D/Crafts 2nd
Emily Matthews II NRidgeHS Leaf Me Alone 3D/Crafts 3rd
Kelsey White II HSCS Thing Computer 1st
Reagan Christian II NRidgeHS Liminescent Computer 2nd
Phillip Clark II TCHS The Rhythm of My Thoughts Computer 3rd
Eve Kizziah II BHS Coy Drawing Best
Katelyn Harkins II BHS Beauregard Drawing 1st
Axil Picazo II TCHS Night Club Drawing HM
Anna Barkley II NRidgeHS Fruit Still Life Drawing HM
Dakota McAbee II TA Past Reflections Drawing HM
Steven Ryland II NSHS The Lonely Woods Drawing 2nd
Myles Bailey II NRidgeHS Michael Drawing 3rd
Sarah Weigenheim II NRidgeHS Lace MM 1st
Tiffany Sloup II ACA Donut MM HM
Olivia Daugherty II CHS Instrumental Cubism MM HM
Ariel Shabaz II TCHS Nature's Orb MM 3rd
Mims McKee II TA The Queen and I MM 2nd
Anaelyse Perez II HSCS Spooky Time Painting 1st
Brooke Bassett II TA A Return to the Jemison Painting HM
Elijah Suire II NSHS Interlude Painting 2nd
Madelyn Blakley II ACA Purple Mountains Majesty Painting 3rd
Sophie Petrovic II HSCS Not a Native Photog 1st
Claire Laubenthal II HSCS A Distant Light Photog HM
Maddie Mitchell II HSCS A Room With a View Photog HM
Kanetra Lee II PBHS Untitled Photog HM
Kathryn Rainey II HSCS A Childhood Memory Photog 2nd
Samuel Contorno II HSCS Potential Printm 1st
Avalon Pernell II TA Dementia X 2 Printm HM
Luke Hydrick II ACA Untitled Printm 2nd
Carla Leal II HSCS Fading Flavors Printm 3rd

More Information

For additional information contact Sharron Rudowki at education@tuscarts.org

Learn more about the State Arts Council's Visual Arts Achievement Program by visiting their website: