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Junior League Gallery

Interior view of the Junior League GalleryLocated in the Bama Theatre, the Junior League Gallery opened in 1983 through fundraising efforts by members of the Junior League of Tuscaloosa. Originally the balcony lobby, the space was converted to a gallery through the installation of appropriate lighting and the alteration of the walls, making them suitable for hanging art work. In addition to Arts Council sponsored competitions/exhibits, the space is also available to local artists for individual or group exhibits commission free. Artists will be required to have a portfolio and original samples of their work for presentation to the staff before an exhibit is scheduled.  The gallery is the home of the West Alabama Juried Show, Double Exposure Statewide Photography Exhibit and the Visual Art Achievement Awards.

Janet MegoJanet Mego's “Valleys Peak, Faces Reach”

Exhibit Dates: July 31-August 28

Reception: August 6 from 5 - 8 p.m.


Janet Mego has been compelled to draw, paint and sculpt since the age of six. After earning 1st Place in a juried show and later receiving recognition for her early artistic endeavors in Baltimore, MD, she then chose to pursue the BFA in Art at The University of Alabama. Much of what the artist does has been influenced by the fine art of “learning to see,” implemented masterfully by those professors essential in taking her far beyond the face value of that degree. These influential mentors include Alvin Sella, Richard Zoellner and Arthur Oakes.

After graduation she began working with watercolor portraiture and continued to exhibit pieces in galleries and patron's homes in several counties throughout Ala. Placing in juried shows and exhibitions concomitant with her tenure as Artist in Residence for the Sumter County Fine Arts Council in the 1980s and as adjunct art instructor for Livingston University (now The University of West Alabama), she continued to explore the intricacies of the human face and its expression of emotion. She felt a spiritual awareness of the beauty of nature transition into the watercolors that had become her favorite medium. Later, she rediscovered and applied the acrylic paints she used in college to canvas in a more abstracted interpretation of trees, water, sky and terrain.

Her passion for teaching both art and literature eventually led her to a painting commission last year by The Jasper City Schools and Walker High School alumnus, Matt Dover. This painting commemorates two young alumni, soldiers who died in Iraq, and integrates a new dimension of awareness of contemporary theme with other aspects of her portraits. These two young men, one black, one white, went to school in the Deep South together, fought on the battlefield in the same war, and then died in ultimate sacrifice, joined together in death in every sense but the literal. Therefore, she has begun to explore underlying ethnic and multicultural elements in the faces she paints, and tries to emphasize that as Americans, we must not only develop 'tolerance' for, but celebration of those who may seem to possess in their physical demeanor a color wheel 'different' from 'our own.'



Junior League Gallery Quick Information:

Gallery Hours: 
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Also open during all
Bama Theatre events

Located in the Bama Theatre, enter the gallery through The Arts Council offices, located on the second floor of the PARA Building, during weekday hours.

For more information contact Sharron Rudowski at education@tuscarts.org

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