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West Alabama Juried Show

Most recent WAJS-2015:

Information regarding the 2016 show will be posted Summer 2016.


Congratulations to our winners and those whose works were chosen to be displayed in the exhibit. The judge for the 2015 show was Caleb O'Connor.

The following lists include the names of the winners and works chosen to appear in the exhibit.

wajs2015fontHoward & Michael Goodson and Richard Zoellner Purchase Award - $750
Charlotte Wegrzynowski for "Font" (pictured, left)






Gail Skidmore Memorial Cash Award - $300
Contributed by The Arts Council
James Conner for "Passing Through"

Three Awards of Excellence - $100 each
Contributed by The Arts Council
Sarah Ann Austin for "Taut, Morning of G - Ma Baer, Flint, MI"
Pamela Copeland for "Adams and Dearborn" (Chicago)
Tom Rogers for  "The Observer"

Other entries chosen to appear in the exhibit:

Austin Sarah Ann As Long As, The House
Austin Sarah Ann Taut, Morning of G - Ma Baer, Flint, MI
Brown Hannah Mysterious Water
Burt La Rue Tulip Poplar Bloom
Burt La Rue Tools Waiting Outside
Burt La Rue Wisteria Takeover
Conner James St. Matthew 9:34
Conner James Passing Through
Conner James St. Matthew 4:4
Copeland Pamela Adams and Dearborn (Chicago)
Davis Nick Project Daydream
Farwell Garland Madam Diamondback & Bass
Farwell Garland Founder's Peak
Layden Lori Ann Arboretum Barn
Layden Lori Ann Days End
Layden Lori Ann Tobys Creek
Meares Mary Greek Tragedy
Meares Mary Early Spring
Meares Mary Japenese Maple
Naugher Martin Anders Hardware
Naugher Martin 3 Chairs, No Waiting
Norris Diane In the Shadow of the Almighty
O'Kelley Charles Russian Waterway at Sunrise
O'Kelley Charles Russian Dancing With Girls
O'Kelley Hallie H. Fractured Flowers
O'Kelley Hallie H. Octagarden
Prentice-Dunn Laurie Warka
Reschke Jamie Bottles
Reschke Jamie Untitled
Robinson LaShonda Scott Jade
Robinson LaShonda Scott Salome
Rogers Tom The Wanderers
Rogers Tom Icons
Rogers Tom The Observer
Wegrzynowski Charlotte Font




Entry Form 

Guidelines & Entry Form

How to view show guidelines and complete the WAJS entry form:

1.Open link to show guidelines/application form PDF, located above this text.  Select File-Save As and save the PDF to your computer.  In order to view and complete the form properly, you must have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your computer. 

2.Read all guidelines before completing the form and submitting work to The Arts Council.

3.The application form (page 3 of the PDF) is designed to complete using your computer.  After opening the PDF in Adobe Reader, click the selection in the square on the upper right side of your screen that says “Highlight Existing Fields.”

4.Fill out the form by clicking in the first highlighted field after “Name.”  After you complete each field, push Tab on your keyboard to move to the next, or use your mouse to click in each field.  When selecting “Yes” or “No,” use your mouse to click in the appropriate square.

5.Be sure to select File - Save periodically to save your work for future editing.  If you wish to edit your form, be sure to select the version saved to your hard drive, not the original form on The Arts Council site.

6.Upon final editing and completion, print out page 3 of the form.  Cut the labels from the page, and tape each to the upper right side of the corresponding work.  Tape the label to the bottom or back of 3-D pieces, depending on which spot is the most visible.

7.Deliver application and entry fee with work to The Arts Council office in the PARA Building.