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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release
August 25, 2016                                                                                                                                             
Contact:  Nick Mason



(Tuscaloosa, Ala.) Manhattan Short has announced the final 10 for its 19th Annual Short Film Festival, a worldwide event taking place in over 250 cinemas across 6 continents between Sept. 23 and Oct. 2, 2016.

The Festival will take place locally on Sept. 29, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at Tuscaloosa’s Bama Theatre.  Tuscaloosa and Montgomery will be the only two cities in Alabama to host this annual festival. Admission prices are $8 general, $7 students and seniors and $6 Arts Council members.  Tickets will be on sale at the Bama box office 45 minutes prior to the first screening.

This extraordinary global event will take place throughout the week of Sept. 23 and Oct. 2when over 100,000 people in cities across six continents gather in cinemas, galleries, museums and cafes for one purpose:  to view and vote on the finalists' films, a total of 10, in the festival. Audience members in each venue will be handed a voting card upon entering each cinema that will allow them to cast their ballot for best film. Votes are sent to MSFF headquarters where the winner will be announced on Oct. 3, 2016. 

Manhattan Short  is the only international event of its kind in which the Final 10 will be shown simultaneously across the world during a one-week period, with the Best Film and Best Actor awards determined by a ballots cast by the audiences in each participating cinema.

The 10 finalists hail from 8 countries, with France and Australia represented by two films each. These Final 10 short films represent the best among a record 844 submissions from 52 countries received by Manhattan Short for 2016, testimony to the enduring vibrancy and creativity of the short film genre. In addition, for the first time, all of the final 10 short films are Oscar-qualified, meaning they are automatically eligible for an Academy Award nomination.

The Final 10 are:
The Tunnel (Norway), Carousel (England), Kaputt (Germany), Ella Got A Promotion? (USA), Hold On (The Netherlands), Bravoman  (Russia), Overtime (Australia), Gorilla (France),  I Am A Pencil (Australia) and The Last Journey of the Enigmatic Paul WR  (France).

The first Manhattan Short  was held in 1998, when 16 short films were shown onto a screen mounted on the side of a truck on Little Italy's Mulberry Street in New York City, and has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. Manhattan Short  is the only film festival that unfolds simultaneously in cinemas around the world, bringing over 100,000 film-lovers across 6 continents together for one week, to view the work of 10 fantastic filmmakers.

Follow this link to download stills: www.manhattanshort.com/download-stills.html
Follow this link to read finalist interviews: www.manhattanshort.com/finalists.html
Follow this link to download the trailer: www.manhattanshort.com/download-trailer.html

The Bama Theatre is located at 600 Greensboro Avenue in Downtown Tuscaloosa. For more information about The Arts Council or Bama Theatre, patrons should LIKE the Facebook page “The Arts Council – Bama Theatre – Cultural Arts Center” and follow tuscarts on Twitter. Call 205-758-5195 or visit bamatheatre.org for further information.



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