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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release
The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa
Contact: Kevin Ledgewood
205-758-5195, x6


(Tuscaloosa, Ala.) The Arts Council will host an exhibit of the photography of Brenda Miller at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center Oct. 6-27, 2017. Featured in The Arts Council Gallery, the display will be titled “Threes.” A reception honoring the artist will take place on Oct. 6 from 5-8 p.m. during First Friday. The exhibit will consist of 33 photographs in eleven themes in series of threes.

Photographer Brenda Miller is captivated by shapes, textures and patterns. These characteristics appear in her favorite subjects to photograph including architecture, landscapes and abstracts. From country roads to city blocks, she enjoys her journeys as much as the destinations.

While her previous two solo exhibits each had a single theme, for this collection the artist desired to further stretch the dual challenge of multiple themes and diverse formats. She settled on three, which was an appropriate, odd number of images for each set while allowing overall subject breadth.

“For ‘Threes,’ I started in the summer of 2016 by creating a list of approximately 50 possible subject themes with the goal of narrowing the list to 10-12. This was something fun to think about, especially while cycling, which I find meditative. While several subthemes were always definite, others would be scratched out and replaced with spontaneous inspirations. I also wanted most of the images to be new,” stated Miller.

Miller narrowed down the list and planned the required destinations for the images yet to capture. In 2017, she traveled around the South between San Antonio, Texas to the west and Beaufort, S.C. to the east. Some of her subject matter, such as the Ruins and the Missions, were chosen because of their historical and architectural intrigue.

The Arts Council Gallery is open weekdays 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m. with free admission. Visit www.firstfridaytuscaloosa.com for a complete list of all First Friday participants and upcoming events.

The Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center is located at 620 Greensboro Avenue in Downtown Tuscaloosa. For more information about the CAC, The Arts Council or Bama Theatre, patrons should LIKE the Facebook page “The Arts Council – Bama Theatre – Cultural Arts Center” and follow tuscarts on Twitter. Call 205-758-5195 or visit tuscarts.org for further information.





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