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Teacher Resources

In addition to the programs offered to students through The Arts Council, Tuscaloosa, Northport, and The University of Alabama also have a wealth of information, activities, and services to offer local teachers in their quest for a well-rounded arts experience for their students. Opportunities range from museum tours and presentations to rehearsals and concerts, giving the younger audience a preview of the arts opportunities available to them in Tuscaloosa and West Alabama.


Tuscaloosa Federal Building and Courthouse

The facility features 16 (14’ x 9’) murals located on the second floor and painted by artist Caleb O’Connor.  The subject matter includes depictions of the history and industrial growth of Tuscaloosa, North Alabama and the nation.  Judicial tours are also offered.  Tours can accommodate groups up to 50.  All ages.  Call 561-1670 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Tuscaloosa Museum of Art: Home of the Westervelt Collection

Come enjoy one of the most breathtaking collections of fine art in America and experience history from the heart of the Americas to the Far East in original masterpieces.  Featuring such artists and artisans as: John Singer Sargent, George Luks, Edward Potthast and Andrew Wyeth. Tours specifically geared to student groups include “Elementally Art,” and “The American Spirit.” Call 205-562-5280 or email kthurman@westervelt.com or whawkins@westervelt.com for more information. Visit the website here.

Murphy African American Museum

The Murphy African-American Museum offers innovative educational programs and changing exhibits that increase the knowledge of the accomplishments and contributions of local African-Americans in Tuscaloosa and the country as a whole.  Admission is free, and donations are accepted.  Call 758-2861 to schedule a tour. Visit the website here.

UA School of Music

Option 1. UA large ensembles (orchestra, band, choir) will open dress rehearsals for students to gain an appreciation for many types of music and preparation of concerts.  Option 2. UA School of Music faculty, staff and/or music students (classical or jazz) share information about their career with short demonstrations in a one-hour presentation. Days/times vary. Contact Dr. Jane Weigel at 348-6741. Visit the website here.

The University of Alabama Arboretum

The UA Arboretum maintains plant collections for botanical education and appreciation.  It features 2.5 miles of walking trails through a mature oak/hickory forest, wildflower garden, ornamental plants, children’s garden and a tree platform utilized for educational field trips.  Field trips can be tailored to classroom needs.  For more information or to schedule a visit, call 205-553-3278. Visit the website here.

Kentuck Art Center

The nationally recognized Kentuck Art Center welcomes small school groups for prearranged tours and demonstrations with Kentuck resident artists for a fee. Students ages 6 and up. Call 205-758-1257 for information. Visit the website here.

Children's Hands-On Museum (CHOM)

CHOM offers a wide variety of educational opportunities and programs for students, preschool-6th grade.  Resources expand the school curriculum and enrich cultural and social education.  Each visit is unique and participatory, and with teacher input, the museum staff will gear the visit toward class objectives.  Admission charged. Reservations are required.  Call CHOM at 349-4235 for information. Visit the website here.

Alabama Museum of Natural History / Moundville Archaeological Park

Field trips to the Alabama Museum of Natural History are tailored to fit the needs of your group.  Call 348-9473 to schedule a tour.  The 320-acre Moundville Archaeological Park features the Jones Archaeological Museum, preserves 26 prehistoric, Mississippian-era Indian Mounds and presents the  Moundville Native American Heritage Days.  To schedule a tour, call (205) 371-2234. Visit the website here.

Gallery Tours

Field trips to local art galleries are available in Tuscaloosa. Call Sharron Rudowski at (205) 345-9801 to schedule visits that include informational tours.
Harrison Galleries
O’Connor Studio
Paul R. Jones Collection
Rick Rush Fine Art Gallery
Tuscaloosa Museum of Art
The Arts Council Galleries: Bama Theatre and/or CAC
UA Gallery at the CAC
U.S. Federal Building Murals


Available teacher resources:

For more information, contact Sharron Rudowski, Education Director, at 345-9801 or email eduation@tuscarts.org.